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Sewing Patterns Kilt

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Sewing Patterns Kilt
Sewing Patterns Kilt
WHere can I get a pattern or plan for creating and sewing my own kilt?

I wanna make my own but I need some step by step things to help me out. Thanks. [[:

You can go two ways on this -- you can go hi-tech modern and sew in pleats and such, or you can go old-style traditional and fold the kilt instead.

For sewing, try http://www.karen.htmlcreators.com/ancientkiltmaking.html

For folding, try http://www.garbtheworld.com/pgs/foldkilt.html . There's no sewing involved, just spreading and folding a long piece of wool tartan.

Note that both will use up a LOT of fabric. Lightweight wool tartans will work the best. You'll need between 5 and 9 yards to do it right.

Every now and then, http://www.renstore.com will put their folded kilt tartans on super clearance sale. I picked up two 8 yard kilts (just an 8 yard long piece of wool tartant) for about $50 each a while back.

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Kilt shirt with Celtic applique design

Where can I find a free online kilt sewing pattern?

And/or could you discribe to me a normal scottish women's outfit?

simplicity or mccalls had a good one and a mens outfit too, a real kilt is more a matter of math than anything, its just a long strip but you have to learn how to measure the pleats and its a huge pain, i made two of them. the womens outfit would be a full length pleated skirt, a white peasant style blouse, a black waist cincher corset type thing and her plaid across her right shoulder and tied or pinned at her left hip, thats just a strip of plaid fabric. any pin with a thistle on it is considered scottish.

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  1. NEStalgiaholicon 24 Sep 2010 at 12:35 pm

    I'm glad you? said that it's your wife's, I was getting worried then :o )

  2. Jeanneon 25 Nov 2010 at 6:51 am

    Hey there…I went to your etsy site and saw that it was empty, so I decided to come here to see what's what.

    I'd heard about the Kitten (from Arwyn and your mother-in-law, at the same time they got kittens)…but not about the house! Congratulations! Looking forward to more pics and more stuff up on etsy. I just opened my very own etsy site with some vintage sewing patterns I found (including a bunch from the 50s).

    Say hi to your hubby.

  3. cnshinnon 24 Feb 2013 at 12:20 pm

    This web forum is made up of kilt-wearing men from across the globe:

    There is a section for threads on kilt making with input from some of the best kilt makers in the world. There are also plans and instructions on how to make an "X Kilt", a simplified design created by some of the forum users. Suggestions on cloth types, weights, and sources can also be found there.


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