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Mini Kilt

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Mini Kilt
Mini Kilt
Mini Kilt Question??????

Hi im a teen guy and i was wondering where i could find a mini kilt (above the hemline) for men or is it ok if i got a females kilt

As I just put in another answer on kilts, the kilt covering the knee thing is more likely an English imposition rather than the traditional form for highland men. Paintings and other images from the time when Highlanders wore the kilt show the kilt to stop just above the knee. One English commentator who toured the Highlands was horrified at how short the kilt/plaid was sometimes worn, particularly when following men in kilts up steep hillsides.
The modern "Highland costume" is heavily influenced by the British military as after the Highlanders were defeated at Culloden in 1746, the only place you could wear tartan and kilts was in the British army in one of the Highland regiments. . During this time the highland attire was altered to conform to the needs and interests of the British military establishment. Modern Highland costumes have very little to do with what the original Highlanders wore.
As for getting a "female kilt", they're actually longer and go down to the shins. BTW, the hemline is the lower edge of the garment so you can't be above the hemline, maybe you meant kneeline? Either way, it sounds like you're trying to use the existence of the kilt to justify wearing a skirt. Men wore skirts at one point in history and will probably do so again, but just remember that outside of a celebrity, a guy wearing a skirt today will more likely be looked at as a kook.

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